Five ways to help the elderly during the winter!

Tips to Help Elderly in the Winter!

With the recent winter weather many of our clients have experience additional limitations in their care management and support services, especially those that are homebound. According to Boston Magazine there are 5 key tips to keeping aging loved ones safe and healthy during the winter months.

1. Stock emergency resources in your loved one’s homes. Ideally seniors should seven-day supply of prescription medications and a three-day supply of non-perishable food and water.

2. Watch the temperature. “For elders, there are significant risks of being too cold, which include dehydration,” the article says. “People with cardiac issues tend to get colder faster. Make sure the home is properly insulated and windows are caulked to prevent drafts. Thermostats should be set to 68 degrees to prevent hypothermia and prevent pipes from freezing.”

3. Identify and eliminate fall risks. Create slip proof paths and make sure elders wear shoes or slippers that grip.

4. Eliminate potential fire risks. Fires often start from overheating electric blankets and space heaters so make sure those are working properly. Also be sure to check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and install fresh batteries if needed.

5. Encourage your loved one to stay active at home. In colder weather it is often harder for those that are homebound to get out and exercise but there are lot of great programs that involve visitation of homebound elders by volunteers. To find a program in South Carolina visit:

For more tips and ideas, click here to read the Boston Magazine article about helping the elderly in the winter.

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