3 Things You Can Do to Promote Hearing Loss Awareness During Better Hearing and Speech Month

Did you know that May is ‘Better Hearing and Speech Month?”  Hearing healthcare in our seniors is obviously something we feel very passionately about at Browning Geriatric Consulting. So, we want to encourage our clients and loved ones to learn about their own hearing loss and build awareness about hearing loss issues, particularly in the aging population. We have outlined 3 simple but important things you can do to promote hearing loss awareness this month.

  1. Get Educated on Hearing Loss

Of course, the best way to build awareness about any subject is to start with your own education. Whether you are already experiencing hearing loss and/or wear hearing aids, it is still very important to understand how hearing issues develop and what the implications are for the long-term health and wellness of individuals who do not address their hearing loss issues. So, Here are some great resources to start learning about hearing loss.

  1. Talk to family and friends with hearing loss

Perhaps you’ve taken steps to address your hearing loss and you’ve experienced the dramatic difference hearing aids can make in your life but I am sure you also know several people in your life with hearing loss that still haven’t taken the first steps toward better hearing. You may have friends or family members who still have reservations or concerns about addressing their loss. If that seems familiar here are some resources to help you talk about addressing their hearing loss issues:

  1. Promote Hearing Loss Awareness

Once you’ve educated yourself and talked to those around you, you can reach out through email and social media to tell people about hearing health and the positive impact hearing aids can have in others’ lives. The American Speech-language Hearing Association offers many great tools you can download and give away in person or through email and Facebook to promote hearing loss awareness. See all the free stuff here: ASHA: Better Hearing and Speech Month.

If you still have questions or you need help, contact us today to see if one of our licensed and certified Geriatric Care Managers or Registered Nurses can help provide you or a loved one with a more comprehensive assessment.