Hospital to Home to Assisted Living: Geriatric Care Managers vital roles during life transitions

When it comes to care options during difficult life transitions the average person can elderly-care_0be left feeling confused and downright overwhelmed. In an article from the author explores some of the difficulties that arise as adult children are charged with choosing a care facility or alternative situation for their parents after leaving the hospital.
“Before my mother was in the hospital I didn’t know the difference between ‘acute’ rehab and ‘sub-acute’ rehab,” recalls David Zoll, Parentgiving co-founder and son of Shirley Zoll. The hospital may give you no more than two days’ notice to find a facility for your parent, “and while the discharge planner and hospital social workers may be nice people, they don’t have the necessary time to go through the depths of the care options available, figuring out how to choose one, and communicating between the hospital and the rehab facility.”

That’s where the care manager comes in. “The care manager can help you sort out the jigsaw puzzle and slow down the discharge process with the hospital so you have time to figure out the best options for your parent,” David says. “Plus, dealing with your elderly parent and other family members often becomes very emotional. The care manager is an independent voice of reason.”

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